IBT - Integrative Body Movement Trauma-Therapy in India

Dealing with Trauma in Therapy and Bodywork

Dive deeper and fly higher in a group of international moving people! Connect roots and wings!



People are vulnerable, many of us have experienced traumatic events, from birth to negligent or abusive care, from experiences of violence and war to operations and accidents or disasters. Unresolved and traumatic memories tend to block the natural flow of energies in the mind, body and soul.

Dealing with old, open wounds costs a lot of energy and can cause somatic and psychological symptoms.

Compensation helps to survive and function, but symptoms and crises are constant reminders of an underlying chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Bodyworkers and therapists are confronted with clients who often suffer from deep, hidden, and underlying PTSD symptoms that cause all kinds of comorbid disorders. Above all, they are challenged by difficult clients to develop their skills, knowledge, clarity and awareness, and are challenged to undergo an ongoing self-awareness process.



IBT - Integrative Moving Trauma Therapy, supported by Soul Rhythm's conscious dance and bodywork.

With the body and movement-oriented approach of IBT resources are built up and the affect regulation ability is increased.

Practical exercises make it easier to recognize dissociation and the transgression of the tolerance window of the nervous system at an early stage. Client security and mindful approach are in the foreground.

The work will take place throughout the group, in smaller groups and in individual therapy sessions within the group.


This workshop counts as IBT Module 1: Introduction Day and Module 2: Body and Movement Perception for Psychotherapists



Bodyworkers and therapists who want to acquire basic knowledge about trauma and post-traumatic stress and are open to learning through action.

Willingness to learn by processing one's own unresolved traumatic memories as well as moving within a group of co-workers, led by a teacher with and without music.


Contents and goals:

Every morning there is an introduction to IBT for those who work therapeutically. The basics and impact factors of process-oriented trauma therapy and practical exercises from the repertoire of IBT are taught and practiced.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • "The safe place in motion"
  • feel boundaries in the body - building relationships with movement,
  • finding a resource or stress movement
  • commuting between resource and stress movement
  • "Moving Journey Through the Body", building a moving therapeutic space
  • basic knowledge of trauma and its consequences
  • to identify PTSD symptoms
  • build up and stabilize resources
  • dealing with overwhelmed clients and dissociations
  • to stop the trauma
  • how to reorient the client
  • identify the right time to refer the client to trauma experts
  • to move and dance on a healing path
  • gently opening your body and mind to the natural movement that emerges when you dare to move with awareness and passion
  • fully inhabit the body and find joy in the movement (again). Dancing into the unity of body, feeling and spirit. To refine one's own language of movement and to further develop one's own dance, dance off, sweat, enjoy moving encounters and so on
  • gaining a basic understanding of mental trauma and the consequences and dynamics of trauma sequelae.


Every evening, those who want to engage in free, guided movement in a group will have the opportunity to use dance as a self-experience.

The two "Concious Dance" styles, 5 Rhythms and Soul Motion will support you with their respective maps and frames.


All of this happens in the safe and supportive space of appreciation and respect for each other. 


Literature: (in German)

Bewegung als Ressource in der Traumabehandlung, Praxishandbuch IBT - Integrative Bewegte Traumatherapie von Romana Tripolt: Klett - Cotta, Reihe Leben Lernen 287, ISBN 978-3-608-89180-5



Mag. Romana Tripolt

Psychologist and Psychotherapist/Psychodrama, Austria, working with traumatized clients for 20 years. Developer of IBT - Integrative Movement Traumatherapy

Founder of the Traumahealing Institute Vienna and AT - Academy for Traumatherapy, EMDR Europe Trainer, Brainspotting Coteacher and Consultant, Member of ICMTA, International Conscious Movement Teacher Association, Founding member of EMDR Network Austria, Member in ÖNT- Austrian Network for Traumatherapy, GPTG - Association for Psychotraumatologie and Violence research, ÖBVP - Austrian Occupational Union of Psychotherapists


Martin Steixner, MSc

Soul Motion Teacher, trained by Vinn Arjuna Martí in the US, Natural Health Professional (Deutscher Heilpraktiker), Master of Public Health, Imago® Facilitator, Trager® Practitioner, Developer of Soulrhythms Bodywork, Member of ICMTA, International Conscious Movement Teacher Association


Venue and Accommodation:

Auroville, 605 104 Tamil Nadu, South India



Booking of flights and rooms has to be done by yourself.

The nearest airport is Chennai. Taxi from Chennai Airport to Auroville is around RPS 2500.- (40 $, 32 €).


There are a lot of nice guest houses in different categories in the center of Auroville: Please book directly at guesthouses.auroville.org


Contribution: € 480 in combination with the Conscious Dance units € 580

Reduced price for participants coming from India or other Low Income Countries on request.


Contribution includes:

Participation in the workshop

Support in connecting with other participants for travel issues

Support in finding good paces to stay before, during and after the workshop

Consulting for day-tips, sightseeings and traveling in South India


Auroville consists of an international population which we like to welcome for the dance units in the evening in our circle. 


There will be enough time between the workshop units to visit other Communities or the Matrimandir in Auroville, for spending relaxing hours on the beach, for getting a massage or visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondycherry.



Feb. 1st to Feb 8th, 2020

Feb 1 is arraival day, workshop start on Feb 2 in the evening!


More Informations about Auroville


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Anmeldung aktuelle Termine:

Brainspotting in Wien

mit Monika Baumann

23. - 25.1.2020


24. - 26.1.2020

IBT Lehrgang

mit Romana Tripolt 

21.2. - 12.9.2020

Traumakompetenz Lehrgang

mit Diana Schaffer und Romana Tripolt

21.2 - 4.4.2020 in Wien

Traumapädagogik Lehrgang

22.2. - 13.12.2020

Tanz aus dem Trauma

Romana Tripolt 

Fr. 20. - So. 22.3.2020 in Wien

Tanz aus dem Trauma Jahresgruppe

20.3.2020 - 10.1.21 in Wien und Reichenau

EMDR Supervision

17. - 18.4. & 18.9.2020

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Das IBT Fachbuch

"Bewegung als Ressource in der Traumabehandlung, Praxishandbuch IBT - Integrative Bewegte Traumatherapie"



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